The reason as to why I chose to do this topic was because I was curious to see what was individuals believed was more beneficial, studying at home of living out of home and studying.

Reflexivity is to think critically about your participation in a situation. So the reason as to why I chose this  topic was due to the fact that in the past I had moved out of home to study then dropped out as I struggled with money then moved home and studied which made things easier in some areas but harder in others, then moved out again then back again then finally out again and have stayed living out of home and I have continued to study. Now I wanted to research further into the topic as to see where other individuals stand and whether or not they have had a similar experience.

What I learnt through this is that in order to get more in depth answers from your questions or the answers you desire is to definitely not do it online, that was definitely one thing I did wrong. Although the answers I got were still relevant and good I believe that if I was to meet up with the people I interviewed I would have been able to get more in depth answers and would have been able to ask more questions if needed in order for them to elaborate on particular topics.

Now with the survey and the interview I did not realise that in order to be able to use the research we conducted we must first get consent from the participants to use it. In regards with the survey I had to go back and do it again and make sure that I had a button that said an individual consented to the use of their information they provided me. Which relates to the topic of respect we learnt in the lectures which covered consent, ethics and code of conduct.

What I learnt with the survey is that you really had to try and promote on a variety of different platforms in order to get a decent enough response to work with so you have good amount of different answers. I found that with the answers I got a lot related to the same thing aka financial related positive and negatives and independence advantages and disadvantages in regards to both studying at home and moving out and studying.

In the lecture in week 8 we learn out flexibility, so when something does not work out as the individual would hope and how they go about it. This happened to me a few times due to doing interviews online, some people got back to me yet others did not. Therefore in order to obtain the answers I need to fulfil the interviews I ended up having to ask a bigger amount of people to participate in it. Which was not really a problem but it did take more time to do so.  The one thing I should have done was ask the people I had previously asked to participate, was to remind them and if they chose not to participate, that would have been fine.

What I learnt from the secondary sources I used was that there is a lot of information about moving out of home and a great amount of I suppose you could say check lists of whether an individual is ready or not to move out.  Something I wish I had actually looked up before moving out of home several times and moving back. In regards to the government website it really showed me a lot of interesting statistics of those who moved out and moved back along with the percentage of male and females that lived at home and studied versus living out of home and studied. It also showed a table which was used in the report of men and female who worked long with studying whether it was part time, casual or full time.

At the end of this assessment I learnt that there is a lot of time and effort that goes into conducting your own research and sometimes things get in the way of that. Having back up plans and creating risk management strategies are a great way in order to keep yourself aware and on track whilst doing your own research.


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