Studying at home VS Studying out of home update.

These past couple of weeks I have been conducting interviews, researching along with creating a survey in order to find out information on what people believe is more beneficial in regards to studying at home or moving out and studying.

So far my findings in regards to living at home has been majority positive in regards to security, saving money, not worrying about finding housemates along with having less stress in regards of not having bills, not having rent, all in all pretty much just not having many money worries. Jess stated that she believes she has “more free time because I don’t have to stress about doing household jobs such as cooking the dinner every night.”
The negatives that were surrounded by living at home was mainly including independence and having to travel to university.

Now for Emma and Daniel, who are living out of home they believe that the positives were very much related to independence, in regards to being able to adjust chores, their social life and family obligations around their own autonomy. Daniel moved to Wollongong in order to be closer and not having to travel three hours plus to attend university and back, which opened up opportunity for him to get more time to do uni work.
The negatives for Emma being a mother and a student adds stress as it means “taking time away from paid employment and family responsibilities.”
Although for Daniel the negatives included the stresses of money regarding bills, rent and having to prepare food but he stated that “aside from financially, my stress has marginally decreased since moving away from home.”

The sites that I have used to further my knowledge showed both positive and negative outlooks on moving out and living at home whilst studying. Some provided information in regards to help and what individuals should consider before moving out. I found this rather helpful especially for people who are considering moving out.

The sites below are some things for those considering moving out and are just a little touch of what to expect and certain things about renting that you may or may not know.
This one sheds light on particular things such as subletting, bond, damage of rental property and more.
This site provides a list of things to consider before making a decision on moving out, it also supplies information about helplines in regards to moving and supplies numbers you can call to help you weighing your decision.




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