Research Proposal: Which is seen as more beneficial? Living at home and studying or moving out and studying?

Once people finish high school it seems to be an exciting thing to move out of home and go to university. Although is it really beneficial to the individual that does it?  I have decided my topic question is to be, which is seen as more beneficial? Living at home and studying or moving out and studying?

The reason I chose this was due to the fact that I can relate to it because, when I turned nineteen after finishing a tertiary education I decided university was the next move, so I decided that I would move to Canberra to begin university. I lasted a semester then moved back home to the South Coast with my parents, repeated the mistake then changed degrees and universities started off living with the family, now I reside in Wollongong and am continuing to study.

I believe that there are different challenges regarding studying and living both, at home with your parents and family or by yourself/ in a share house.

Considering I have done both a few times over, I am curious as to see other students perspective and their experiences on the matter.

What influences each individual had on their decisions and why they went ahead with them. Along with what each individual believes the advantages, disadvantages, positives and negatives of  living at home and studying or fending for ones self and studying are. Not to forget challenges that one may face regarding either one of these.

I believe I would be able to gather a variety of peoples opinions and perspectives of the matter through conducting surveys and interviewing a few people on their experiences.
I am thinking of using the survey as a beginning way to find out which people think is more beneficial, (living at home and studying or moving out and studying) then to incorporate a question in each individual interview to discover reasons as to why some may think this.

For a secondary source I intend on using the internet and attempting to find scholarly sources to assist my work. I would like to find statistics to add to this project in order to give the project more weight and to show results on a wider scale.

This is a source I am considering using for statistics but yet to do further research.

Anon, 2009. 4102.0 – Australian Social Trends, June 2009. [online] Available at:[Accessed 12 Mar. 2017].


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