Nollywood was something that I had never heard of unlike Bollywood and Hollywood. Nollywood is what the Nigerian film industry is called and started off in the 1960’s with low budget short films then it took off in the 1990’s. It is the second largest global film industry where  Nigeria has successfully created and produced over 2000 films per year. 

“Nollywood’s popularity has spread across the African continent, to the African diaspora in Europe, North America and Australia. It has even gone as far as the Caribbean and Pacific Islands.” (Bisschoff, 2016).

Nigerian films tend to show a “mixture of melodrama often with middle class and upper class people, but with a high infusion of animist and magical culture providing solutions to problems that wouldn’t crop up in a Hollywood drama.”(Andrews, 2016). 

Nollywood films on average are generally filmed and produced within 7-10 days and have a budget that varies between $15000 – $40 000. Within 13 years, Nollywood has been able to grow into a 250 million dollar a year industry, which means that they sell around 50,000 copies per film although they are not being shown in theater.

The idea of transnational films appear to be booming thanks to the globalisation of film which has given us hybridized films and allowed us to be exposed to more than just the Hollywood style movie. Without a doubt Nollywood is on the rise and soon enough I believe a lot more people will know about the Nigerian film industry and would have definitely seen a few Nollywood movies.

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