Building an online persona.

An online persona is is an ID that an internet user creates online. This could be exactly who they are or it could be the complete opposite.

In this day and  age everyone is online and majority are a part of social media in one way or another, whether this be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms.

Take Snapchat for example. The use is able to take videos and pictures and can send them to the contacts they have on Snapchat, they can also add it to their story which stays there for about a day so people can continue to visit and re watch what the individual has posted if they wish it. This is a way of creating an online persona.

The more people an individual has in their contacts the more people their story is going to reach but they majority of people are only sending particular parts of their life that they want people to see whether that be them having a night on the town, all the places they are going, the food they are eating, their animals, their friends or family… you get the point.

So here is a video that is a small part of my online presence.


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