Digital Artefact

So myself and two other girls are working together to promote random acts of kindness and to spread happiness.

So far we have gone around giving things out ranging from chocolates, flowers or cards with cheesy pick up lines and compliments on them in order to brighten someone else’s day. We then post it on our Facebook page UOW Project Happiness.

Along with handing out things we have posted cat videos, goats screaming videos, a poll and little challenges in attempt to get people to join the promotion of happiness.

Following is an annotated bibliography that helped me get ideas, how to use certain things and what I was searching to contribute to the group work.


Prolific Living. (2012). The Only 100 Positive Affirmations You Will Ever Need. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 27 Mar. 2016].

This source is a website that contains quotes and inspirational guide lines to enable positivity for an individual or to help someone get through a hard time.
I was using this source to enable me to gather ideas around what I could use to add to the cards that we had made to make people smile except, I found that what was on them was really cheesy and more so instructions on making yourself feel better rather than quotes or sayings that would make someone smile, giggle and potentially make someone’s day.

Quotery. (2013). 100 Funny Quotes Worth Laughing Over. [online] Available at:
Accessed 29 Mar. 2016].

This source is another website that consists of funny quotes written by people about random things in order to get an individual to laugh. This site also has a discussion forum where anybody who visits the site can join in and give more quotes, supply jokes or just talk and discuss what is already on the website.
I used this source for the cards to get people to laugh. Some of the ones I picked were actually hilarious and the reaction when we gave them out got people laughing which is exactly what we were aiming for.

YouTube. (2016). How To Edit Videos Quickly and Easily. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 29 Mar. 2016].

This source was a tutorial on a quick and easy way to edit a video on Youtube. It went through step by step in order to show you how to edit a video without having to download a video editing programme.
I found this site helpful due to my lack of knowledge in how to edit a video along with not having the required editing tools on my laptop to put together and edit a video which is what we wanted to do for one of our projects page.

Wise Bread. (2014). 100 Easy Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 19 Apr. 2016].

This website contains a hundred ways to make someone’s day brighter. It has suggestions of what you can do for someone either in your family or friend group or for someone completely random.
This site was pretty good for our digital artefact and helped me come up with a fair few ideas for what we could do in the future for our artefact.
Although some of them were mainly for a person’s spouse or an individual’s kids. It was however good to collaborate different ideas and to possibly mix, match and combine things together to create a bigger idea. (2016). How to use Photoshop as a photo editor | Adobe Photoshop CC tutorials. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 1 Apr. 2016].

This is a website that has video tutorials on how to edit photos for beginners along with next to the video they have a brief description of what a certain term means what it does to a photo, where as the video actually shows you how to do it.
I found this site helpful as it is literally Photoshop for beginners and it also allows you to have a free trial. This site also sheds more light on what Photoshop is and what you can do with it. I looked this up as to get an idea whether or not to use Photoshop to edit the photos our group took. (2016). SurveyMonkey: Free online survey software & questionnaire tool. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 4 Apr. 2016].

Survey Monkey is a free site that allows you to create a poll or survey on a certain topic of your choice. You have different options you can chose from for those who choose to participate in your poll along with being able to share it on different media platforms.
I found this site interesting and a good source to use for creating a survey because it can let people stay anonymous which usually encourages people to participate in something. This was helpful with one of our weekly tasks as we asked people what makes them happy or smile in order to get more ideas for other weeks and to get people to participate. (2016). Nowra Florists – Flowers in Nowra NSW – Hyams Nowra Florist. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 11 Apr. 2016].

This is a local website for a floral shop in the Shoalhaven area. It give prices, the types of flowers it sells, information on what their bestsellers are and gives you options on what you can choose from.
I use this site in order to get an idea of pricing for roses as we gave out baby roses in week 7. I found this site good for pricing ideas although I ended up going to Woolworths in the end it was still insightful. (2016). Images to GIF Maker – Imgflip. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 13 Apr. 2016].

This site gives instructions on how to create a gif. It also explains what you can do with the gif maker, what image formats you are able to use, how to make your gif higher quality and then has a box where you can upload a video or images to, to create your gif.
I found this site informative and useful. I searched this due in order to attempt to create another form of media to put on our Facebook page.

YouTube. (2016). Funny Goats Screaming like Humans. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 16 Apr. 2016].

This is a Youtube video that contains goats screaming like humans which is a hysterically funny video. It goes from goat to goat of them making their noise which just sounds like a human screaming rather than a goat.
I used this and posted it on our Facebook page in order to make people laugh and brighten up their day. I found that this site worked and got the outcome that I wanted as people watched in and also liked the video on our page.

Random Acts of Kindness. (2016). Random Acts of Kindness. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 16 Apr. 2016].

This is another site that suggests random acts of kindness you can do for people. It has lists of different ideas and then when you click on a certain one it gives a description and inspiration as to why you should go ahead and do the particular random act of kindness along with that some had examples.
I found this site useful and that it had some good ideas that we could use for UOW Project Happiness. I personally liked how it gave examples and provided inspiration as to why to do it.


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  1. typatt says:

    Your Facebook page and entire digital artefact idea are truly a fantastic idea!! You three girls not only go out of your way in order to spread happiness to others, but you also seek no compensation in return. I think you have great inspirations for your artefact and I can already visualize your page going in a number of different directions. If I could make one suggestion it would be to use more picture and or video updates whenever you are out spreading kindness. These can be several short videos or bigger longer more compilation style videos. That’s just my opinion though and regardless of what you decide to do with this I know it will continue to be inspirational to others!

    Liked by 1 person

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