Convergent Media

“By convergence, I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries and the migratory behaviour of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want” (Jenkins, 2006).

So what does convergent media mean to me? It means the consistent change of communication networks, content involving the media and informative technologies.

Now I am one of six children in my family and apparently the generation I was born in is classified as the online generation. I grew up with dial up and still remember the hissy fits my family would have in order to use the internet or the phone considering they could not be used at the same time.

Now I see my younger sisters, ranging from the ages of fifteen down to seven consistently on their Ipads, phones or their Ipods even when it is sunny.

They even have friends that will come over and all they do is play on their little devices. It confuses the hell out of me, I mean I remember when I was growing up I was all for eating dirt and making mud pies.

My parents on the other hand will watch TV and use the internet for online shopping. My mother as just recently figured out how to share things on Facebook where as my father has absolutely zero interest in it.

I believe that the growth of technology has its advantages especially regarding social media as it enables you to stay connected with your friends and family when they are overseas or in other parts of the country. Not to forget the unlimited amount of information that is available at your finger tips.

On the contrary tiny humans aka children are so connected online but partially in my opinion becoming increasingly disconnected in reality. They would prefer to sit inside and play games or be among social media rather than going outside and meeting up with their friends and being active face to face.

It is so rare to see people without a phone or some form of other technology in this day and age and I find it a little bit sad that we can all be among our friends or family yet we have a tiny device consistently attached to ourselves.

I just wonder what we really are, connected or disconnected.

Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers Meme | HERE'S TO YOU YOU WENT OUTSIDE | image tagged in memes,leonardo dicaprio cheers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Jenkins, H. (2006). Worship at the altar of convergence. A new paradigm for understanding media change. In H. Jenkins, Convergence culture: Where old and new media collide (p. 2). New York: New York University.

Imgflip. (2016). Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Apr. 2016].


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I found that it your ‘voice’ made it very easy to read. I agree with the idea of people being so connected that they become disconnected from the world around them, especially as you said with the growth or social media. I have a little sister and she is so attached to her iPad that it has become apart of her. I guess the whole inability to disconnect with technology is scary, when you think about it we are always in some way attached to some kind of technology or even the internet. I would suggest that the next time you directly include a quote, you unpack it and talk about what it means or what its trying to tell the audience, this will further enhance your blog post! Great post! 🙂


    1. shnicholls says:

      Thank you for your kind words (:
      Regarding your suggestion I will definitely keep that in mind and do that in my next blog. (:


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