(Colombo Herald, 2011)

Being an outdoors enthusiast and a bit of a tree huger, this image instantly took hold of my attention.

This week in BCM110 I have learnt that semiotics is the science of signs and with that you have the signifier, which is the physical form and then the signified which is the meaning taken out of that.

I also learnt what Denotation and connotation means. Denotation being what is on the page and connotation meaning what you as an individual think of the particular text.

In the image above it shows that it is an overcast day, there is sand and the ocean,  there are seashells, grass looking bushes and sticks. There is also a can and a form of litter in the shape of a humans hand and arm, seeming as if it is attempting to pick itself up.

My connotation of this image is that it is saying  we have a bleak future ahead if we do not look after the planet we are on.

The shape of the arm to me looks like a combination of a cupcake wrapper, combined with a bag as well. The top part of the hand to me resembles a crab and just above the pointer finger and thumb the creases form eyes, giving the image personification with a sad characteristic. The beach is also abandoned which I believe depicts that no one wants to be on a littered beach as it has lost its beauty.

Another  thought I have of this image is that there are no actual wildlife there, other then the wrapper crap, which to me signifies that the wild life have either moved on to a better and cleaner place or they have been wiped out due to pollution.

Once again with the hand, to me it looks as if it is acting like a bag, regarding the way it is positioned towards the can and how the crab like fingers are holding the bottom of itself upwards as if saying put the can in here.

I believe that a lot of people could read this in a variety of different ways and could even get a completely different message compared to what I got, but I suppose that is the beauty of the human mind and individualism.

Image source: Colombo Herald, (2011). Amazing environments ad for earth day. [image] Available at: http://www.colomboherald.com/earth/amazing-environment-ads-for-earth-day [Accessed 17 Mar. 2016].


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