Copyright was something that I knew of and had a simple understanding of until the lecture of BCM112.

So what I got out of it was that copyright is a law that protects an individuals creation and in order to use, remake or share a certain persons creation you have to seek permission first from the original developer of that item.

Then there is fair use where you are able to use a part of someone else’s work without permission or having to purchase the item. This would be things such as educational uses, comedy/parody, criticizing or commenting and news reporting.

What I found really interesting was that with particular games you are not buying the disk or the game itself but you are buying permission to play the game. That somewhat blew my mind!

I am still a bit overwhelmed about all of this information hopefully I will grasp it all relatively soon.

Happy Squirrel meme


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  1. kara says:

    Really nice post! I liked your summarised dot points from the lecture and what you took out of it. I was the exact same and haven’t really analysed the whole copyright topic. I too was shocked at how we are only buying permission to play the video game! It really made me think about everything else we do, e.g do we need permission to sing covers of popular songs? Even if it was just at a school talent show? I loved the meme too! Speaks for you and me both!


  2. Hi Shay,
    I think it’s great that you have broken down the key ideas from the lecture and altered it to how you have perceived it. I also found this topic a little confusing due to my lack of knowledge so it makes it a lot easier when you see the points clearly listed. If you were still a little confused on the issues of copyright I found this documentary on ABC called ‘Google and the World Brain.’ After watching it, I realised how copyright is such a debatable issue and it helped with my blog post for the week.
    All the best,
    – Jess

    Here’s a link to the trailer below:


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