Reality or Virtual.

In this day and age technology surrounds us as a human race everywhere. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are consistently consuming more and more information due to it being at the tips of our fingers.

Ipads, tablets and phones. All of these objects enable an individual to access copious amounts of information from the touch of a button, in this day and age it’s a tap on the  screen.

The consumers of products like this just seem to be getting younger and younger. The constant need to keep up with technology is becoming more prevalent, which can cause quite a bit of anxiety for certain individuals such as parents.

I have four younger sisters, each one has an Ipod and two of them have both, the Ipad and Ipod.

The youngest and the eldest of the four go outside frequently and can go without being on the internet. Where as the other ones have a slight obsession with going on Youtube and watching clips about Mindcraft (a game where you are able to build your own world).

An anxiety here could be the fact that they are just consistently glued to their screen and will not actually go outside and play with other kids. Therefore their socialization skills lacking and they become hermits with no friends, I mean what could you have to talk about when a lot of your time is spent based in front of a screen?

I am exaggerating here a bit but the point being the children or child is not actually going outside and being a kid.

This case may not always actually happen though. I have seen kids sharing certain clips they have found  on the internet and sharing the content with one another. I have also seen them come up with ideas to create a short video, make it and then proceed to edit it together and  end up with a rather impressive clip, not to mention playing on their games and interacting with each other, asking one another for help or joining their heads together to create the ultimate recipe of fun.

This form of media anxiety can always be shifted in a way where the parents can give time limits to how long they are in front of it for, then they have to get out of the virtual world and enter reality for a while.

Anxiety will always tag along with the media but I believe that there are ways around it, one just merely needs to think outside the box.



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