Why I am here.

Hello, my name is Shay Elizabeth Nicholls preferably just Shay. I am twenty two years of age and my life revolves around the ocean, my cat, friends, family and food.

I am a first year UOW student but have been to uni before although I have never actually completed anything due to loss of interest.

I am here because after consistent attempts and failing at life, I decided it was time for me to get myself in order. My interest in communications and media started when I did a course in TAFE known as the TPC which had a media component in it.

At first I did not realize that was the path I wanted to take, therefore I moved to and from Canberra starting but never finishing a few degrees. Which is the reason why I ended up back to the coast and commenced a diploma of screen and media.

Whilst I was attending TAFE, I was offered a position to be an assistant photographer working in Canberra. Which went for a month and consisted of taking pictures of random people on the street (with consent of course) along with interviewing, followed by transcribing and writing short stories about each individual.

This was probably the ultimate eye opener as to why I want to work in the media. Some days were quite intense and stressful where as others were breezy and fun.

Having a deadline where assessments are not involved was difficult but grand nonetheless, it really pushes you to have a lot of motivation. Also coffee definitely becomes your best friend.

After finishing the job, I went back to TAFE and I successfully completed the course and discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed what I was learning about there. Plus the work experience definitely made me realize that, media is the way I want to go.

I am keen to see where this course will enable me to go and all the new things I will learn, along with the variety of people I will meet on the way. Not to forget all the new things I will get to discover and learn how to use.  Take blogging for example, that is something I never thought I would be doing along with Twitter.

Anyway I applied for a bachelor of communications and media course at UOW and so far so good, slightly overwhelmed but hey here I am now.


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